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Report: Dwyane Wade initiated questions about Kevin Love’s absence

Dwyane Wade, Kevin Love

Kevin Love has been in the spotlight for the past month as some of his actions were questioned by team members. After the Cleveland Cavaliers 148-124 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Love left the team and would miss practice on Sunday for an illness. Love left the building and the team to return back home, but some players were not so happy about that on Monday.

Love would only play three minutes in the loss against the Thunder as he watched his team in the first half and decided to head home after the first half. Clearly players were not happy with the move and now reports are out that a former Cavs player started the conversation of why Love was not with the team.

Reports are coming out from Joe Vardon of the Cleveland that former Cavaliers player Dwyane Wade was one of the first to make Love missing practice an issue. Wade was the main instigator in the team meeting on January 22nd and challenged head coach Lue to get involved in the mater.

The veteran player stepped up and wanted to bring this issue to case as the team meeting was a mess according to Cleveland.com. Throughout the meeting, everyone on the team was called out for some reason. It is now clear that Wade was the first to bring this issue as it escalated quickly throughout the team.

It seems as if the Love situation is slowly coming to an end as the Cavaliers are starting to win some games with their new players. Unfortunately, Dwayne Wade was involved in one of those trades as days later he would return back to the Miami Heat.

Wade’s role in Cleveland had been the smallest of his career, averaging only 23 minutes and a little less than 10 points per game.