It is no surprise Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant is a hot ticket among many free agents this summer. Ever since being drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics back in 2007, Durant has always made a constant effort to lead his team into the postseason, completing this task numerous times.

This is why many teams have taken note of his prowess. Recently, Mark Stein reported big names the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and the incumbent OKC team have all already made valiant efforts to discuss with Durant.

But maybe there could be an even more valuable prize in an entire new conference. Although talks of a potential trade have been very secure and almost minimal, the Boston Celtics could potentially offer Durant an opportunity he may like.

There's no doubt the Western Conference is stacked with talent, so playing on an Eastern Conference team may bode well for Durant in terms of making it through play off rounds. Excluding LeBron James and the Cavaliers, Durant has a high potential to help the Celtics dominate this conference. The Celtics managed to win 48 games this season without KD's talents, and they would still have enough cap space for an additional max-contract player.

All the Celtics would need is the perfect pitch to get Durant on their side. If he were actually traded to play in Boston, the two conferences would definitely become more evenly spread out talent-wise.

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