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Danny Ainge questioning if world is flat after another big Kyrie Irving game

Kyrie Irving had an unbelievable showing in the Boston Celtics’ come-from-behind win over the Dallas Mavericks. He put up 47 points, including 17 in the fourth quarter and overtime, to almost singlehandedly carry the Celtics to their 16th straight win.

Irving’s performance was so out-of-this-world that Celtics president Danny Ainge was ready to reconsider what he knew to be true about the world.

Ainge is obviously poking some fun at Irving’s controversial comments from last year when he said the world was flat. Irving since admitted he was just trolling people with that belief, although he did recently come out with the baffling assertion that there were no real pictures of Earth.

While people have every right to criticize Irving for his flat earth silliness, even they can’t deny that Irving has been simply outstanding for the Celtics this season, especially in crunch time. His stats in the clutch this season have been truly spectacular.

With Irving’s outstanding play, Ainge is once again looking like a genius and is being fully justified for his decision to pay a heavy price to get Kyrie to Boston in the summer. You really can’t blame him for cracking jokes and enjoying every bit of his team’s success.