When Brad Stevens was named head coach of the Boston Celtics back in 2013, some doubted him due to the lack of NBA experience yet, and some even felt that he did not deserve calling the plays for the storied franchise. However, he has proven his worth the past three seasons by leading the team to the playoffs, including last season where they made it as far as the Eastern Conference Finals.

With current LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers having a lot of success during his stint with the C’s, Stevens had to take over the reins of the team with the pressure to succeed on his shoulders. The Clippers' head coach was also active with the community then, especially with a program he launched in 2011, Hoop Dreams, that serves to provide services and programs for low-income individuals.

Rivers recently recalled how he passed the torch to Stevens four years ago, via Stephen Hewitt of the Boston Herald. He shared the conversation he had with him, where he said that the former Butler head coach did not hesitate to take over the organization.

“I said, ‘hey listen, there’s one thing I’d like you to do, and if you don’t feel compelled to do it, I’ll always come back, but I’d really like you to be the head of this and take it over for me,’” Rivers recalled. “Brad didn’t even blink, and said, ‘I’ll do it.’ It just tells you a lot about Brad. He knew it was an important organization, he knew that I was leaving and it would be hard for me to really stay involved as much as he could because he’s the face and the name.

“The whole (Celtics) organization stayed behind it but the reason they did was because of Brad. I think that was a huge assist for me.”

Stevens has kept his word and has since made sure that it continues to help the individuals who are part of the organization. Now entering his fourth season with the Celtics, the 40year-old is well-loved throughout Beantown, with how active he has been with different communities, and especially by his players who he has built good relationships with.

After adding some key pieces to their roster this summer, the team is geared to contend better in the East, and could even make it to the Finals. The expectations are now higher than ever for Stevens and company, but as he has shown in the past, he is ready to take on the challenge, and will not veer away from it, whether it may be running an organization for a good cause, or leading his team to a deep postseason run.