Celtics news: Enes Kanter goes full Aaron Rodgers when talking about Kemba Walker's health
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Celtics’ Enes Kanter goes full Aaron Rodgers when talking about Kemba Walker’s health

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Boston Celtics big man Enes Kanter took a page right out of Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers’ book, as the 6-foot-10 center provided a timely update on the health of All-Star point guard teammate Kemba Walker.

According to Kanter, there’s no need for Celtics fans to worry about Walker’s health moving forward:

“[Celtics fans] can relax, man. Trust me,” said Kanter, via Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports. “For Kemba, it’s like riding a bike. Once he’s out there, he’s going to get everybody rolling. He’s going to make himself better, he’s going to make everybody else better around him. The Celtics fans should not be so worried about him. It’s Kemba Walker.”

With Kanter’s statement here, we can’t help but look back at Rodgers’ epic R-E-L-A-X bit from 2014. Maybe these two have more in common than perceived.

As for Walker, though, the 30-year-old Celtics star missed another practice on Wednesday due to a knee issue, which at this point, has become somewhat worrisome for a few Boston supporters. As Kanter expressed, however, there’s simply nothing to fret about, and the Celtics have a plan in place for Walker’s workouts.

Kanter even went on to say that Walker appears to be in great shape as it is:

“He looks really good to me, man,” Kanter continued. “He looks in really good shape, very lean. He didn’t lose any touch or whatever. To me, it’s Kemba. He’s an All-Star, superstar. Obviously, he knows how to play basketball. Once he gets out there, he’s going to get himself going. What’s impressed me about him so much is his leadership. Sometimes you’re sidelined, but he’s still talking, still communicating, still with a smile. That’s important.”

Walker is fully expected to take part in Boston’s final few games of the regular season, or at least some of them. While the injury does not seem to be anything serious, it will still be interesting to see if this is going to have any effect on him in the long run.