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Celtics’ Kyrie Irving said he’d be a Buddhist if he wasn’t in the NBA

kyrie irving

Lethal scorer, relentless slasher, ball-handling god, and NBA champion – Kyrie Irving is already a lot of things.

It seems, though, that he’s also gunning to have the weirdest (and most interesting) alternate “career” path in the league.

During one of the timeouts in Sunday’s game against the visiting Brooklyn Nets, wherein the Boston Celtics won, 108-105, to notch their third-straight victory, the Cs played a pre-taped piece of the team sharing their desired jobs if they weren’t playing basketball professionally.

Irving, who’s never shy to share out-of-the-norm opinions – *cough cough* flat earth *cough cough* – said that he’d be a “Buddhist.”

Though indeed strange, it’s at least a good change to the usual answers: doctor, architect, businessman, etc. Also, if we picture Kyrie in his Uncle Drew character on a Monk attire, it may look fitting.

Nevertheless, this tweet was probably the most natural reaction to such a statement:

It’s a lot from someone who has Handsome_Jake_ as a Twitter handle, but he’s right. It’s not a career. Take note, Kyrie.

The Celtics will be back in action this Wednesday when they play host to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s a game loaded with storylines, but let’s see if Mr. Irving has another fascinating take on something.

Watch out, Illuminati.