On the latest episode of his podcast The Truth Lounge, Paul Pierce addressed the infamous 2008 NBA Finals moment in Game 1 when he left the court in a wheelchair briefly. The moment happened with 6:49 to go in the third quarter. Pierce was carried off the court by multiple teammates in visible pain and was then moved to the back in a wheelchair.

The moment has been widely talked about in NBA lore, with it being widely speculated that he left in a wheelchair because he had to use the restroom. Paul Pierce actually addressed the widely circulated rumor in the Celtics takeover edition of KG Certified last year.

“I sprained my MCL. Don’t believe all them rumors that I had to go to the bathroom,” Pierce responded when Jaylen Brown asked him about it.

Now, on the latest episode of The Truth Lounge, Pierece fully broke down what occurred.

“It was a few minutes into the third quarter, second half. I'm guarding Mamba now, so I'm like, you know, let me see what this is all about on the big stage. I'm sliding with him, getting through picks. He takes me right, goes down the middle. I'm sliding with him, thinking about going up to challenge him. There you go, there goes Perk right there. I didn't have no lift. I kind of got up, came down, that's when I heard a pop in my knee. Now look, before this, I never had any major injuries, let alone a knee injury. So, I don't know what's going on. I've only had a toe injury, a fracture in my foot. So when things happen in your knee, based on what I've seen over the years, the first thing I'm thinking is ACL.  When I feel soreness, I don't even know, at this point, if the ACL is on the outside or the inside of the knee. First thing I think, is knee, ACL. So I'm on the ground grabbing my knee. I mean, there's some pain on the inside of my knee, and I'm like, no, it's just going through my mind, man. It's just like, no, this can't be happening, not now.

He continued, “I've never been hinged my whole career. I get to the finals, and I'm definitely shook. I'm hoping it's not serious. I'm moving it, it's still moving, but it's painful. You know, at that point, I see my teammates come over, doctors come over. I'm like nah look, I'm still moving the knee. If you look, I'm moving the knee back and forth, but it's still painful. So at that point, I know Tony Allen and Scal, the doctors just like, don't move, don't put no pressure on it at this point. So Tony Allen and Scalabrini picked me up. Now they're carrying me, and I'm just thinking in my head, I hope it's not that bad, man.”

He then talked about how he got in the wheelchair as well as his celebrated return to the court later in the game to lead the Celtics to the 98-88 victory.

“I'm back in the hallway, they're like, ‘Don't put pressure on it, P.' I'm thinking, ‘Well, I need to test it out.' So, they bring in a wheelchair. I didn't ask for one or to be carried, but the pain in my knee is intense. I hurt it on a defensive play. They wheel me back, but I keep moving my knee, trying to assess the pain. I've never felt knee pain before. We reach the back, and the doctor instructs, ‘Jump on the training table.' As he examines my knee, shifting it side to side, I feel discomfort. When I stand up, I realize it's still sore, but my adrenaline kicks in. I ask for a knee brace, start jumping, doing squats – managing the pain. My adrenaline is pumping; I'm determined not to miss out. If I wasn't limping, I knew I could push through.”

Pierce then had words for the folks on social media who he said edited the image to make it appear as if he used the restroom on himself.

“So we're just setting the record straight. If I did poop my pants, why would I sit in a wheelchair? All you little new Generation social media gurus who Photoshop the stain in my pants on Twitter, all you social media wannabes who try to spread wildfire, don't know what the hell you're talking about. ‘Cause I know a lot of y'all are just mad that I busted the Lakers' a** that year. Pretty much, so I know that's where it comes from.”

Paul Pierce did have a phenomenal NBA Finals that led him to bring home the 2008 NBA Finals MVP. Pierce averaged 21.8 points, 6.3 assists, and 4.5 rebounds in the six-game series win over Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.