Overcoming mental challenges is what usually defines a winning team in the NBA Finals. Joe Mazzulla has mastered the minds of his players by showing them UFC videos while also making them seemingly play like it's always a do-or-die situation against the Dallas Mavericks. This netted them a three-to-nothing series lead with everyone from Jayson Tatum to Sam Hauser contributing big numbers along with intangibles.

Sam Hauser gets hilariously riled up

Jun 12, 2024; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving (11) shoots the ball against Boston Celtics forward Sam Hauser (30) during the second quarter during game three of the 2024 NBA Finals at American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
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Momentum is what keeps a team's mental edge alive during the NBA Finals. Joe Mazzulla just so happened to say the right words to keep the Celtics going in their pursuit of the franchise's 18th banner. This has clearly affected how they execute coverages against the Mavericks with Sam Hauser noting one special line that the head honcho sparked a flame within him and the rest of the Jayson Tatum-led team, via Celtics on CLNS.

There are no fouls in wars. You either die or you don't. Something like that

Sam Hauser took these words to heart during this whole NBA Finals series. The Celtics sharpshooter clamped up Kyrie Irving on multiple possessions. He also became one of the best outside-scoring threats on the floor. This netted him nine points while only missing one shot from three in 14 minutes of action. Not to mention, his output was rounded out by three rebounds and an assist.

Those big words that Joe Mazzulla proclaims in front of his players surely change their mentality. Not a single Celtics player had an unproductive Game 3 in the NBA Finals. No one scored less than seven points throughout their time on the court. This was a vast difference between them and the Mavericks who saw four players churn out just six points or less.

While Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown get a lot of love for their on-court production, Mazzulla should surely get his flowers. He keeps this Celtics team on their toes despite being only one win away from winning it all.

Celtics & their faithful love the head honcho

Hauser is not the only one who found his coach hilariously profound throughout these past two years. Other Celtics also chimed in and unveiled their favorite quote by Mazzulla. Derrick White was one of them and was just absolutely enamored by the Celtics mastermind's nonchalant attitude.

Favorite Joe Mazzulla quote? When he won Coach of the Month and I was like, ‘Hey, congratulations.' And he just looked at me and said, ‘Nobody cares.' Something like that.

Fans also looked back at when Mazzulla was outlining how he got the Celtics riled up. This was despite them being in tough situations in the clutch. What did he do? He had a live viewing of UFC fighters getting choked but overcoming those maneuvers due to composure.

You see Pereira gets hit in the nuts, looks at the referee, knocks the guy out five seconds later. So it’s the approach to what happens to you and how you handle it. The closer you think you are to beating someone, the closer you are to getting your a** kicked.

What's not to love about Mazzulla and his great quotes?