Celtics news: Tracy McGrady advises Brad Stevens to emphasize player roles in order to win
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Tracy McGrady advises Celtics coach Brad Stevens to emphasize player roles in order to win

Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady harkened back to his play days to share some advice to Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. For McGrady, Stevens needs to emphasize player roles in order to win.

Speaking on The Jump, McGrady echoed Marcus Morris’ earlier statements that the Celtics are a bunch of individuals. It is contrary to what they should be: a team.

McGrady recalled how his former coach Jeff Van Gundy — his coach for three years with the Houston Rockets — sat everybody down and identified their roles in front of the rest of the team.

For him, this is the solution to the Celtics’ woes:

“That is interesting, and it worked. … So now, everyone has a role identified to them, you can hold each other accountable and say ‘you’re not doing your job.’ I think he has to do that because I don’t think these guys really know, individually, ‘What do I have to do for us to win?’”

McGrady’s comments come in after various reports of the Celtics lacking chemistry.

While they do have a decent win-loss record and would qualify safely for the playoffs, analysts believe once they develop a “team” mindset, then they’ll be able to unlock this potential. After all, they are one of the most talented teams in the league led by Kyrie Irving.

Will Stevens heed McGrady’s advice?