Celtics and Sixers both saw little difference between first, third pick
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Celtics and Sixers both saw little difference between first & third pick, explaining ‘cheap’ price of trade

danny ainge

The trade between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers is widely being called a blockbuster, but both teams apparently did not have a hard time pulling the trigger.

After giving up the third pick and a future first rounder to secure the top overall selection in this year’s draft, the Sixers believe that it was a cheap price to pay for what they got in return. Philly and Boston thought of it as a win-win situation, with both believing there’s “little difference” in the level of talent between the first and third picks.

From Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer:

“According to a high-level front-office source, the reason the Sixers “only” paid a price of two first-round picks is because both teams see little separation between no. 1 and no. 3. It’s more about preference of player — Philly loves Markelle Fultz’s talent and his fit with its developing roster. The timing of the deal and the protections on the pick suggests both teams were negotiating on common grounds.”

Although giving up the first pick has happened in the past, it’s still rare that both teams involved are so happy to make it happen, like the Celtics and Sixers are. It could be that Danny Ainge and company feel that they’ll be able to select the player they want even with the third overall pick. They also do not need a point guard, unlike the 76ers, who are very high on Fultz.

O’Connor’s source definitely makes a good point that it’s about timing and what each team’s need heading into the draft.

It also highlights that both teams have very experienced front office executives who are doing everything in their power to put their respective organizations in the best possible position to get better, maximizing what they can get with their assets.