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The blockbuster trade the Celtics must offer for Aaron Gordon

The Boston Celtics are a playoff team that might be one move away from being a real contender in the Eastern Conference. Gordon Hayward left, Kemba Walker is out for some time, other key bench players have gone as well, and it’s time to make a big move to bolster their depth.

On the daily Locked On Celtics Podcast, host John Karalis explains why the Boston Celtics may be targeting Aaron Gordon.

John Karalis: The Boston Celtics have a traded player exception, we all know that. Aaron Gordon on the Orlando Magic, I believe, is the number one target and Danny Ainge needs to make this trade as soon as he’s able to. Now in about a few days, Aaron Nesmith will be eligible to be traded. In about a month or so, some of the other guys that are signed are going to be able to be traded whenever it’s possible. Within these deadlines, Danny Ainge needs to use this traded player exception to get Aaron Gordon.

Why Aaron Gordon? Well, a few reasons. First of all, the money’s right, he makes about $18 million, a little bit more than $18 million, which is the exact amount that the Celtics can trade for while being hard cap without having to go crazy and start dumping guys just to dump them. They’ll have to cut somebody probably Javonte Green or in this deal trade some young players to Orlando in a separate deal to make it work.

Aaron Gordon in Boston, we would be gently nudged into his actual position, which is really a stretch-four… He can roll a lot more in pick-and-rolls. He doesn’t roll a lot in Orlando, he can be a much more effective pick and roll guy in Boston, with Kemba Walker when he’s healthy, Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, and Jalen Brown. All the perimeter positions are handled so Gordon in Boston will have to play a little bit more of a style, it’s better suited for him.