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Video: Paul Pierce’s hilarious before and after reaction to Nate Robinson getting KO’d by Jake Paul

Paul Pierce, Nate Robinson

A lot of people on social media had their respective before and after moments from Jake Paul’s vicious knockout victory over Nate Robinson. Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce, perhaps, had the best one yet. The Truth documented his reaction prior to the bout and after the YouTube star put the 12-year NBA journeyman to sleep.

As you can see in the video below, Pierce was clearly excited to see his former Celtics teammate step into the ring and teach the problematic internet personality a lesson, yelling “Let’s go Nate” during the introductions.

After the fight, Pierce couldn’t believe what he saw and gave the perfect word to describe what transpired: “Damn.”

Like Pierce, some NBA players were tweeting their excitement over Nate Robinson’s professional boxing debut, only to see their fellow basketball brother fall in a heap in his first-ever boxing match.

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry sent his tweet of support to the three-time Slam Dunk champ. Robinson responded to Curry before stepping into the ring, saying that he’ll shock the world. After seeing the knockout, Curry gave a hilarious post-match response.

The entire NBA community was obviously backing Robinson, who also admitted he was fighting for his brothers in the Association. Unfortunately, the 5-foot-9 guard couldn’t hold down the fort and simply looked overmatched against the 6-foot-1 Paul.

The 23-year old certainly had the size and experience advantage, having fought his first professional fight earlier this year. Meanwhile, Saturday’s bout marked Robinson’s first time to step foot in the boxing ring.

Despite the embarrassing outcome, Robinson still deserves some praise for actually trying and pushing through.