Charles Barkley says Lakers are not making the playoffs
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Charles Barkley says Lakers are not making the playoffs

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TNT analyst and NBA legend, Charles Barkley, does not shy away from speaking his mind. The former 76er, Rocket, and Sun does not always make the most sense right off the bat, but usually has good points. Now, Barkley has expressed his opinion on one Western Conference team a lot of people are already putting in the playoffs.

When TMZ Sports caught up with Barkley, they asked him about the Los Angeles Lakers — specifically, if they will make the postseason. Barley, in his usual direct-to-the-point manner, responded by saying that there is no chance of that happening. Even with Lonzo Ball, who many labeled as a franchise-changing talent, the Lakers have no chance of making the playoffs, according to Sir Charles.

While some have bought in on the Lonzo Ball hype, Barkley is trying to be objective. Even with Ball in tow, the Western Conference still poses very tough challenges for the Lakers. The NuggetsTrail BlazersJazz, and even Clippers still own better rosters than the Lakers.

With just two or three spots virtually up for grabs and four franchises with better lineups, the Lakers face a huge stack in front of them. However, the team probably have a better future than most of these groups. With Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Randle as their core, they might be a contender in the future. However, for now, they can only accept that the postseason is a long term goal.