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Former Cheifs RB Christian Okoye reveals how marijuana has changed his life

Christian Okoye

There has been a big push the last few years from current and former NFL players to let marijuana, instead of painkillers, be allowed as a way to help the body recover. A lot of former players have talked about how helpful marijuana has been for them, but for former Kansas City Chiefs star Christian Okoye, he goes further than that.

He says it saved his body.

Okoye told TMZ Sports that after his career, a slow jog was even a challenge for him and he relied on opioid-based pain medications to get through the days.

Now, however, Okoye is using a CBD treatment that has changed his life while simultaneously putting an end to his use of painkillers. He also now lives an almost pain-free life with the help of marijuana.

Okoye is now a spokesman for Kannaway, which is one of the CBD treatments that he uses. He is now trying to get the message out to players, past and present about the benefits that it has over the use of harmful painkillers.

“I think it’s a way for players to help themselves be pain free.”

It seems every week a new study comes out that shows how harmful painkillers are and how many health benefits derive from marijuana use, but the NFL still has not pulled the plug in allowing it.

Just a few weeks ago, former Tama Bay Buccaneers running back Mike James attempted to lobby the NFL to let him use marijuana for pain, but the NFL denied his motion.