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Mitchell Schwartz shares powerful reaction to DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic post

Chiefs, Mitchell Schwarts, deSean Jackson

Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz just aired his thoughts about DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic post.

The Super Bowl champion took to his Twitter account to respond to the controversial posts of the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who has received tremendous backlash over the past few days.

In his tweet, 31-year-old California native expressed that a culture of prejudice is on the rise in the country and that hate crimes against Jews should also be addressed in relation to all the social injustice movements going on right now.

“My hope is we can use this moment to shed light on and bring awareness to the hate and oppression the Jewish Community still faces while standing strong with the Black Lives Matter movement. We can only have change if we denounce racism and bias in all its forms. Our platforms as athletes are a powerful tool, and with them comes immense responsibility. We can all do better,” the Chiefs star wrote.

DeSean Jackson has since apologized for his rather tone-deaf posts twice, promising to fully educate himself more about different organizations and issues. He also emphasized that his apologies would be more than just words.

Without a doubt, racism from all sides and angles is evident in the league, so it is crucial to examine the root of all the hatred if we want to come out of this all, not just as a better league, but as a better society and world. Mitchell Schwartz’s strong and inspiring message calls to unite the entire league and pleads to his Chiefs teammates and fellow athletes to use their platforms to hopefully inspire real change.