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RUMOR: Kansas City Chiefs could look to trade Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill, Chiefs

Tyreek Hill has had an offseason full off off-the-field drama. At one point, many thought his NFL career was coming to an end after the Kansas City Chiefs’ star wide receiver was heard on a tape talking in a threatening manner towards his former girlfriend. He was also thought to have potentially broken his sons arm.

Despite all of the accusations and rumors, Hill will not be suspended and no evidence was found to support the claims. But now, there are questions about his future with the Chiefs.

In an article from Pro Football Talk, comments from Jay Glazer of The Athletic were brought to light. Glazer speculated that the Chiefs could look to trade Hill this offseason.

“[T]here were questions in Kansas City about whether they could re-sign Tyreek Hill. I heard some rumblings at the start of free agency that his name was being thrown about in trade talks, but at the time thought it had to do with his contract more than anything else.”

Kansas City has some tough decisions to make for sure. They have tried to lock Hill up long-term with a new contract, but those talks have not seemed to go too well. If they are at an impasse, it would certainly make sense for them to consider making a blockbuster trade.

Last season with the Chiefs, Hill ended up catching 87 passes for 1,479 yards and 12 touchdowns. He has become one of the biggest playmakers in the NFL.

All of that being said, this could be a situation to keep an eye on moving forward. Kansas City may end up keeping Hill, but there is a chance that a team could make an offer that the Chiefs can’t refuse. Either way, this makes for even more drama leading up to the regular season.