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Blake Griffin reveals biggest regret from 2018 Clippers trade

Clippers, Blake Griffin

Los Angeles Clippers fans everywhere were taken by surprise when the team decided to send Blake Griffin packing back in 2018. This happened barely six months after he signed a massive extension with the team, so not many expected such a sudden and drastic change of heart from the front office. As it turns out, even Griffin himself was shocked when he first heard the news.

Blake, who is now with the Brooklyn Nets, recently sat down with Graham Bensinger for an interview wherein he opened up about the details of that unforgettable turn of events. According to the 32-year-old, he currently holds no grudge towards the Clippers:

“I understand for sure through a business point of view, I completely understand,” Griffin said, via Joey Linn of Fan Nation. “A team wants to go a certain way, they had a plan that they wanted to win a championship very quickly, and they didn’t think that was gonna happen with me there.”

Griffin was LA’s cornerstone superstar for many years. Nevertheless, the Clippers were unable to achieve their goals throughout his tenure. As such, the front office decided to abruptly pull the plug on him after nearly a decade with the squad.

It’s been over three years since the Clippers traded Griffin to the Detroit Pistons. To this very day, however, the six-time All-Star admits that he remains to have one lingering regret:

 “The only thing is we wish they would have gone about it in a different way,” said Griffin. “The respect of letting your agent know, so hopefully both parties can work out a deal that they both want.”

After all that he had done for the Clippers, Griffin believes that he deserved at least a heads-up before the team pulled the trigger on the trade. This did not happen, and it is clear that this still weighs heavily on Blake’s mind.