Clippers news: L.A. brass seen talking with Timberwolves GM, sparks rumors of potential Jimmy Butler trade
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Clippers brass seen talking with Timberwolves GM, sparks rumors of potential Jimmy Butler trade

jimmy butler

Minnesota Timberwolves swingman Jimmy Butler is one of those elite talents who can get the job done on both defense and offense. It is a testament to the four-time All-star’s hard work and dedication to his craft. However, Butler’s name has been in the middle of rumors and controversy due to his alleged fall out with the Wolves which led to his recent trade request. Among the teams connected to his name is the L.A. Clippers.

His desire to play for the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat or the Clippers is no secret in the league. Nevertheless, the Timberwolves franchise is determined to work things out with their disgruntled All-star, putting all trade speculation to rest. In recent light of things, there might be a change in the situation.

In the video below, CJ Williams can be seen warming up before the Timberwolves’ game against the Clippers. The interesting part is not the player at hand, but the executives talking in the background.

It clearly looks like Clippers president Lawrence Frank and Timberwolves general manager Scott Layden are having a chat about a certain matter. It may be just two fellow executives and friends catching up, or laying the groundwork on a Jimmy Butler trade. Whatever it may be, things are going to be spiced up this upcoming season, with the possible Jimmy Butler trade to end up with surprises.

With the Clippers having the right mix of youth and serviceable productive veterans on the roster, they can come up with something appealing to Tom Thibodeau’s present playoff quest and the franchise’s future goals.