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DeAndre Jordan, Lou Williams clown on Sam Dekker for dressing like Steve Jobs

Sam Dekker

On Tuesday night, there was plenty to smile about during the L.A. Clippers’ 122-95 throttling of the Sacramento Kings at Staples Center. The fun even continued afterward in the locker room when players were interviewed about the game.

In a tweet posted by ClutchPoints’ own Tomer Azarly, he was able to capture a funny sequence between Clippers teammates with forward Sam Dekker, guard Lou Williams and star center DeAndre Jordan. After Dekker had changed out of his uniform into his casual clothes, Williams called him “Steve Jobs” for dressing just like the late co-founder of Apple Inc. with his trademark black turtleneck and glasses.

Even Jordan got in on the fun when he asked Dekker a question from across the locker room.

“When’s the new iPhone coming out?” Jordan joked.

Jobs, who tragically passed away from pancreatic cancer in October of 2011, is widely considered one of the most recognized technological innovators of all-time.

I’m definitely going to side with Lou and DeAndre on this one. Dekker definitely does resemble Jobs in this picture and Azarly appeared to catch the forward off guard when he quickly snapped this photo.

The real question still remains: what does Clippers owner and former longtime CEO of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer think of Dekker dressing just like one of his past top business rivals?