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Jalen Rose admits he was wrong about 99% prediction Kawhi Leonard stays with Raptors, not joining Clippers

Jalen Rose, Kawhi Leonard, Raptors, Clippers

Before Kawhi Leonard made his decision to join the Los Angeles Clippers, people made a lot of speculations about where he’ll end up. ESPN’s Jalen Rose was one of the people who predicted that the reigning Finals MVP was staying with the Toronto Raptors. In fact, he even said that he’s 99 percent sure Kawhi will remain with the defending NBA champions.

Well, Rose was wrong; and he was more than happy to admit that, to some degree at least.

Jalen still claimed that he was right about Leonard signing a two-year deal, even though the initial agreement was for four years.

But hey, this is not the first time that Rose was wrong about his predictions. He was also one of the people that were really sure about Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving going to the New York Knicks, and those guys ended up signing with the Brooklyn Nets.

Poor Jalen.

But to be fair, Rose wasn’t the only one who was wrong about his prediction. A lot of NBA insiders have predicted that Leonard was a lock to join the Los Angeles Lakers, and those guys had sources. Nobody saw Kawhi moving to the Clippers, and nobody even saw Paul George being traded there as well.

Well, now fans will have to listen to an all-new set of predictions from Rose and his fellow analysts. The pressing debate now is, who will win the NBA championship next season?

The window has never been this wide for the NBA in a long time, so people will find it hard to guess exactly who will come out on top as there are now a lot of great, championship-caliber teams in the league.