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Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard reveals special backstory behind his postgame attire

Kawhi Leonard, Clippers

NBA players have become fashion icons as much as they are dominant basketball athletes. The clothes they wear get as much attention as the highlights the stars give their fans on a regular basis. Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard is an outlier as he usually dresses inconspicuously and lets his game do the talking for him.

However, he came to the postgame press conference after his team beat the Portland Trail Blazers in quite an interesting ensemble:

Leonard explained that he was involved in a drive to give away backpacks to kids in Los Angeles and Moreno Valley. As thanks, the kids made him this shirt.

There were plenty of messages and images scribbled on the shirt, but the most eye-catching detail is the large “BE KIND ALWAYS” that is emblazoned across his torso. It’s a great reminder for himself, the media, the players, and the fans alike.

This is an especially helpful message for those who didn’t take kindly to Leonard resting against the Milwaukee Bucks. The league released a statement explaining their support of the decision, but Kawhi made up for it with a solid 27-point, 13-rebound outing against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Speaking of the Bucks, this shirt also features an illustration of Leonard dunking on Giannis Antetokounmpo in the Eastern Conference Finals, so that’s pretty neat.

It’s nice to see Kawhi Leonard wearing a shirt that will have many kids in LA happy. He’s hoping to make all Clippers fans happy with a championship this season.