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Clippers star Kawhi Leonard’s injury disgustingly celebrated by Lakers radio host

Kawhi Leonard, Clippers, Lakers, Travis Rodgers

The Los Angeles Clippers were hit with devastating news when it was announced that Kawhi Leonard was going to miss Game 5. Then the 2-time Finals MVP was feared to have an ACL injury, putting his status for the Western Conference Semifinals in serious jeopardy.

Then, on ESPN 710, Travis Rodgers gave some disgusting comments regarding Leonard’s injury.

Yikes. The absence of Leonard seriously dampens the Clippers’ hopes of defeating the Utah Jazz, and if they do, his status for the Western Conference Finals is up in the air as well. Clippers fan or not, Leonard has been marvelous in his NBA career and has always been one of the most likable players.

As for the other Los Angeles team, the Lakers had a first-round exit after an injury to Anthony Davis proved too much for them to overcome against a hot Phoenix Suns squad. Perhaps Rodgers is a bit upset about the early exit for the purple and gold?

Still, there is absolutely no place for stuff like that, especially when it comes to an injury of one of the most likable players in the NBA.

The Clippers will need to rely heavily on Paul George if they want to beat the Jazz, and Game 5 is Wednesday night.