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Clippers star Kawhi Leonard stays cryptic in latest update on ACL injury

Kawhi Leonard ACL injury update Clippers

The big question looming over the Los Angeles Clippers season is how soon, if at all, will they get Kawhi Leonard back?

The answer to that question remains shrouded in mystery. And while a lot of it depends on how well the Clippers star’s body responds to the recovery process, we’ve been through this ordeal with Kawhi Leonard before.

There hasn’t been any clear timetable for his potential return just yet. And while both he and the Clippers brass might actually know the target date that they have set, Kawhi is certainly speaking like he’s equally as unsure as the rest of us.

Via Beth Harris of the Washington Post:

“That’s the challenge of it, just seeing how quickly I can get better and how much stronger I can get than what I was when I was healthy,” he said. “When that available date comes, we’ll be ready for it.”

Kawhi or no Kawhi, Tyronn Lue emphasized that the team has zero plans of simply rolling over this season. Paul George and the rest of the Clippers battled to overcome his loss enough to come two games shy of an NBA Finals appearance.

“In losing a guy like Kawhi, I know things seem like it’s not possible, but anything’s possible,” the Clippers coach said. “Our guys have shown that last year.”

The Clippers have Kawhi Leonard locked up for the foreseeable future. But with their star potentially missing majority of the season, the team has the opportunity to build the foundation around him in the meantime.