A familiar voice will depart the league at season’s end, as L.A. Clippers long-time broadcaster Ralph Lawler is set to retire from the microphone.

Spanning what will be an incredible 40th campaign with the organization come season’s end, the Clippers are set to honor the franchise hero with their city edition jersey.

Lawler first got the job back in 1978 for the then San Diego Clippers in their inaugural season. The team was based in California where Lawler spent six seasons, before making the switch to Los Angeles when the team relocated.

Emotional with the announcement, it will be an adjustment period for the Clippers icon when retiring as he spoke with the Los Angeles Times about the decision.

“It's hard to imagine life without the Clippers, but this is the time to do it.’'

Lawler also mentioned it was important he and his wife had a life away from basketball as he approaches 81 years of age next April.

Understandably, Lawler has always been respected and marveled at by his peers for his outstanding service. Despite the admiration, he remains a humble man that wanted to go out in low-key fashion, but the front office wouldn’t allow that to be the case.

“The Clippers want to spend this year celebrating it, embarrassing the heck out of me, and they've been so good to me so long, I couldn't refuse,” he said. “My dad told me many years ago, ‘When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on,' and that's what I'll be doing all season long.”

As it stands, Lawler has called over 3,100 games for the franchise missing only four games in that period. He remains one of utmost respected personalities in the entire association and will leave a lasting legacy for all Clippers and NBA fans when he calls it a day at season’s end.