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Clippers’ Lou Williams addresses “heated” exchange with Paul George during game vs. Sixers


Los Angeles Clippers stars Lou Williams and Paul George got into a ‘heated’ exchange in Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers. The argument was caught on video and while some critics raised this as a probable cause of concern, Williams downplayed their observations.

Via Twitter, Williams labeled his ‘heated’ exchange with George as a ‘regular conversation.’

The exchange occurred in the second quarter of the Clippers’ eventual 136-130 win over the Sixers. They now have a 41-19 record for third place in the West. In the last 10 games, the Doc Rivers-led squad has won six games.

Even before the season began, analysts quickly deemed the Clippers as a legitimate title contender. After all, not only do they have a championship-winning coach in Rivers, but they also have one of the deepest line ups in the league today. Not to mention Kawhi Leonard who has two titles under his belt.

It can be hard to pinpoint why critics are trying to pull the Clippers down. Perhaps because they’re also in LA — home of the Lakers — one of the most iconic teams in all of sports. And over the past two seasons, LeBron James — the single-most polarizing figure in basketball over the last decade or so — has been donning the legendary Purple and Gold. And it would be a great narrative if the King wins a title before he hangs his jerseys and sneakers for good.

But amid all the mud slung at the Clippers, one thing is still certain and it shows in their win-loss record: that they’re a lethal basketball club and have the capacity to win it all come playoff time.