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Clippers’ Lou Williams agrees with and clowns Warriors’ Nick Young

Lou Williams, Nick Young

NBA players are quickly becoming fashionistas, and Nick Young of the Golden State Warriors is no exception. He doesn’t call himself Swaggy P — or is it Swag Champ now? — for nothing.

That begs the question: If Young is one of the players most known for his fashion, why is tweeting that he hates how people dress when they go work out and play basketball?

If anyone was going to make a comment of how people dress and play basketball, it shouldn’t be Young, right? Lou Williams of the LA Clippers seems to think so, too. He replied to Young in of the funniest ways he could — acknowledging Young’s intention, but also saying he was the wrong messenger.

Williams is a credible source when it comes to knowing just how many times Young would change his shoes before a practice. The reason why is he and Young played together on the Philadelphia 76ers earlier in their careers. So Williams had a firsthand look at all of Young’s fashion wins and losses.

The thing is, Young is not the only fashion-obsessed player in the NBA. So many of them now are very cognizant of what they wear and the brands and colorways and all that. They want to make sure they look good while working out and playing ball.

Young may think he is an exception to this rule, and that may be so. But aspersions should not by cast by a player who gave themselves a nickname with the word “swag” incorporated in it.