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Lou Williams gets into Twitter beef with Shannon Sharpe

Lou Williams, Shannon Sharpe

Twitter has become sort of a haven for the NBA which can be both bad and good depending on what’s happening on a particular day.

Sometimes, team twitter accounts provide some of the best entertainment with jokes, memes and even going back and forth with other team’s accounts.

There are other times when players roast each other for fun, which is always one of the best ways to get off the cuff thoughts from players.

Thursday provided one of the honest boo-boo’s of the week when Coach Steve Kerr posted a rather candid thought about James Harden, he claims was meant for a friend’s DM.

Not only did things escalate on Friday afternoon, but in a strange turn, it began with Fox Sports One’s Undisputed Host Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe, known for having spirited arguments on the air with co-host Skip Bayless went into attack mode against Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams on Twitter.

Williams who narrowly missed being selected as an All-Star reserve was the target of Sharpe’s onslaught for a SLAM Magazine comment he made regarding his two girlfriend relationship years back, and mentioning how it’s more common among athletes than the average person may know.

This seemed to set off a trigger in Sharpe who called Williams out as a snitch.

Williams responded to defend himself disputing the notion that he broke any unspoken rules.

That wasn’t enough for Sharpe who insists that Williams offered information he should never have willingly let loose.

There was the sense that the Clippers guard who always seems calm and collected wasn’t falling for the bait and decided to end the argument.

These kinds of arguments are what Sharpe does on television daily, but it’s rare to see him interact with players in such a personal manner in public.

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