The Los Angeles Clippers pulled off the second largest comeback in NBA history and arguably the most stunning comeback of all-time. It came off the hands of one Luke Douglas Kennard who hit a 4-point play down three to stun the Wizards, 116-115.

Watch Luke Kennard complete the come-from-behind Clippers kill with an improbable bucket plus the foul:

The Clippers were down 66-36 at halftime and entered the fourth quarter trailing 17 points. They were also down six with less than 10 seconds remaining until Kennard hit 30-foot bomb and the Wizards committed the unthinkable and gave up possession on a five-second violation.

That set the stage for Luke Kennard to put the cherry on top of the comeback sundae and give the Clippers potentially the most improbably comeback in NBA history given the circumstances.

After falling behind by 30 at halftime, the Clippers went on to score 40 points in both the 3rd and 4th quarters, outscoring the Wizards by double-figures in both frames.

Luke Kennard finished with 25 points, including 12 in the fourth quarter and seven (!!!) points in the game's final 9.2 seconds.

The loss hands the Wizards their fourth consecutive defeat and the additional shame of losing in arguably the worst fashion you could possibly imagine.