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Matt Barnes says ‘egos’ got in the way of Clippers’ potential

matt barnes, chris paul, blake griffin

Matt Barnes played three years for the L.A. Clippers from 2012 to 2015. He had a front-row seat to “Lob City” in all its glory and a backstage pass to the drama. This drama, according to Barnes, caused the team’s downfall amid high expectations brought by a stacked roster.

During an appearance at the “Lunchtime with Roggin and Rodney” show, Barnes talked about how the Clippers became a victim of their own egos. (h/t Kurt Helin, NBC Sports)

“We really had one of the most talented teams that never won a championship in L.A. and I think it was our own fault. We were in our own way. Just too many egos, young acting. We thought we were going to be the Warriors right up until they won the championship. We knocked them out of the playoffs the year before they came back and won, so we had a very talented team. We just couldn’t get on the same page. It was crazy. We were all cool off the court and I was like ‘how are we cool off the court and can’t get it together on the court?’ That was our… our mental toughness was what kept us from winning championships for the Clippers.”

“Egos. Egos. And now looking back on it from my perspective, because I was fortunate enough to go to the Warriors with a whole handful of superstars and there was no egos. Everyone left their ego… the only thing that mattered in Golden State was to win and winning the championship. If we had that mentality with the Clippers we would have won a championship.”

For those who are not yet aware, ideally, talent is good. But without a proper disposition, it means nothing.

Barnes did not mention any specific teammate but during his time with the Clippers, the team was led by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. After the two alphas, studs like DeAndre Jordan, J.J. Redick, and Jamal Crawford also adorned the Staples Center rafters with their, well, selfies.