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Patrick Beverley on Russell Westbrook taunting LA bench


L.A. Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley and Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook had another run-in on Tuesday night, one that escalated to unimaginable lengths, as police had to be called to intervene between two heated benches.

Beverley maintained his innocence post-game after being whistled for a technical foul during a 128-110 loss to the Thunder.

“I went for a loose ball. What you think happened?” said the Clippers guard. “Somebody walked to our bench doing all that cappin’ stuff; I don’t know what that is. Walked to our bench doing this, and all that, and things went kind of haywire from there. Two competitors, no one’s going to back down, no one did, two technicals, continue playing.”

Beverley made contact with Westbrook’s knee midway through the fourth quarter after the OKC point man collected a loose ball, diving late in efforts to retrieve it, but making contact well after Westbrook had picked up the ball.

While Thunder coach Billy Donovan called a timeout to diffuse the situation, talks between the two rivals escalated, as the two benches now were allowed to take the court without penalty (due to the timeout called).

This was hardly the first time the two floor generals bumped into each other during this game, as both competitors traded buckets and even rockabye celebrations to taunt each other with.

There’s surely no love lost between these two ultra-competitive players and Tuesday night’s game was no exception, despite barely tapping the lid of this 2018-19 regular season.