LOS ANGELES – The LA Clippers recently saw Lou Williams make his return to Los Angeles. He didn't play, but he did receive a tribute video and a loud ovation from fans. He was also embraced at center-court after the game by Reggie Jackson and his other former teammates.

Lou Williams' time with the Clippers will always be remembered fondly. He won Sixth Man of the Year in his first two seasons here, and then helped Montrezl Harrell win it the following year. He became the leading bench scorer in NBA history, and made countless memories for everyone involved.

In a recent interview, Reggie Jackson spoke about his former Clippers teammate and some of the things that made him really special.

“Routine,” Jackson said when asked about his biggest takeaway playing alongside Lou Williams. “Routines are fine and honestly, having pride. Like that was one thing. And then to play with him as long as I got to be his teammate, which was fortunate due to the pandemic thing, so it was fun just getting to play pickup with him and getting to meet all the guys honestly, but having your perception of players at times, it’s always great when you get to meet them and you get to be around them day-in and day-out.”

Jackson and Williams were only teammates for a year and a half, and their time together started just a few weeks before the pandemic hit professional sports in the United States. As zoom workouts transitioned to bubble workouts and eventually back to normal in-house workouts, Reggie Jackson got to see more and more of what Lou Williams was about.

“One thing I really take from him is competition,” Jackson continued. “That man competes. That’s what I love about being around him. If he’s challenged, he’s really gonna go at it, but I know the defensive side of the ball may not be something that people talk to him about. He may be the guy that people say attack, but he really took pride, especially from the time that I got here going into the playoffs and over the course of the next season just trying to be more locked in on understanding what we’re doing and not wanting to get scored on, really taking pride in on-ball defense. There were times it really ignited a fire under us just to see him get a charge, see him guess right, pluck the ball away.”

Lou Williams didn't win any of his three Sixth Man of the Year awards with Reggie Jackson as a teammate, but he did help Montrezl Harrell win the award immediately following his two.

Over his three and a half seasons in Los Angeles, Williams averaged 19.1 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 5.1 assists. He was known as a scorer, but that doesn't mean he was selfish by any means, says Jackson.

“He was unselfish, honestly. I know scores a lot of points, so people may think a different perception, but he scored for us. That was the best part. He felt like he had to come out here and perform for us, so those are the best things about being around him is, honestly, finding out how unselfish he was and finding out how much pride he had in his game and his compete level. His compete level every day. And just him having fun. Like that was something I think I had lost over the years being in the game, going through injuries and all that and just continuing to be around him, understanding the ups and downs of it, no matter what happens, just have fun. Those things lock into that, the rest kind of takes care of itself.”

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The Clippers made a tribute video for Lou Williams during the first timeout of their game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Williams also noticed a highlight video made of all of his clutch moments as a member of the Clippers, which were almost too many to fill into one, two minute and twenty second video.

In an exclusive interview with ClutchPoints following the game, Lou Williams said he wished the front office didn't trade him and would've let them try to finish the job.

“I wish we would’ve been a little bit more patient with the process of trying to build something special,” Williams told ClutchPoints. “But you know in this day and age of the NBA, it’s instant results or nothing. That was the only disappointing part, but I have no regrets. I enjoy everybody, no hard feelings towards anybody. It’s cool.”

What does Reggie Jackson say he misses most about Lou Williams? Apparently, it's the trash talking that went on during the one-on-ones and practices behind the scenes.

“[He was] always fun. Running his mouth. He’s probably one of the biggest trash talkers whether he’s on offense or defense. Like that was the best part. And then actually trying to get stops when people are trying to come him for getting buckets. His frustration level at losing. Those are good things to just see when you're competing against people. And just having a different — not playing against him and not really knowing him to playing with him and just getting to know him over time was a blessing and something I cherish and I’ve always appreciated.

“We all know when Pat, himself, and Trez had started to build the culture, so yeah, this is building on top of what they’ve done and we’re always thankful for those guys and it was great to get to know those guys and get to try to carry the torch.”