Los Angeles Clippers guard Russell Westbrook is setting the record straight about his thoughts on his role with the team this season. Westbrook is calling out reports about his feelings that he says aren't accurate. The veteran was placed in a supporting role for most of the year with the club. Media reports alleged there was tension between the guard and the team because of that decision.

“I for one enjoyed my year, and worked hard to bring the energy, and provide a spark for our team with each opportunity I was given. I felt that I was and remain more than willing to take on new roles, and make certain sacrifices in hope that it would make our team better,” Westbrook said in a statement, per ClutchPoints.

The Clippers bowed out of the NBA Western Conference Playoffs in the first round, losing to the Dallas Mavericks in six games. Westbrook played a limited role for the team in the series, playing in a total of just 25 minutes in the last two games.

“(I) hoped for a different outcome, but I also enjoyed being in the trenches with my teammates this year who have all been supportive of me throughout the season. I hope to come back better, stronger, and remain eager to take on any role that continues to put us in the best position to win,” Westbrook added.

Westbrook's season in LA

Clippers guard Russell Westbrook (0) shoots the ball against Dallas Mavericks
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Westbrook was used in a 6th man role on the team during its playoff run. He averaged just a little more than 6 points a game in the Mavericks series. During the regular season, the guard averaged 11 points a game. His three-point shooting percentage was much lower than usual, at a mere 27 percent. The guard also seemed visibly upset at times during the season, prompting commentators to wonder if Westbrook was angry at the team.

Regardless if he was angry, his numbers are certainly not what Clippers fans were expecting when the team signed Westbrook in 2023. The veteran has put up some incredible numbers over his long career. He has seen his production slow down with the Clippers, as his minutes have decreased to the lowest average of his career this past season. He appeared in a total of 68 games during the regular season.

One of the key questions for the team this offseason is whether they continue to use the guard in a supporting role, per The Athletic. It isn't certain if Westbrook would accept that role once again. The window is certainly closing on his career, and the guard may feel he would prefer a starting spot on a roster.

Westbrook has played in the NBA since 2008. He was named the league's Most Valuable Player in 2017. He was selected to the NBA All-Star game nine times in his career, and has done just about everything in the league expect win a championship. Time will tell if the Clippers and Westbrook decide to stick together or part ways.