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Video: Patrick Beverley avoids falling for trick question about Clippers bandwagon

Patrick Beverley, Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers have surprised a lot of people this season, clinching a playoff spot despite not having an All-Star on their roster. This resulted in a lot of fans cheering for them to pull an upset in the first round.

Following their 132-108 victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers, reporters asked Clippers guard Patrick Beverley if he has any message for the fans who are riding the bandwagon this late into the season. However, the often outspoken guard refused to give a direct answer.

Patrick Beverley knows too well that any statement from him regarding that question might be seen or perceived by people as him taking a shot at the Los Angeles Lakers, who have been officially eliminated from the playoffs last week.

Instead, Beverley chose to address more important questions during the postgame interview, including his thoughts on the Clippers’ potential first round match-up. The veteran guard said he didn’t care who they face because they’re pretty confident with what they can do when they play at their best.

There is no denying that the Clippers deserve a ton of recognition for what they’ve been able to accomplish this season. While it is not expected that they will make a deep run in the playoffs, there is still optimism among the players that they can make some noise and shock the world.