The Fortnite team confirmed in an official post that Coachella is coming back to Fortnite this year.

Fortnite's recent changes made it possible for players to create or do pretty much do anything in this game. Sometimes, brands or companies themselves decide to get in on the fun. Coachella is among the things that have been created in Fortnite, and with the in-game creation, players can experience one of the most iconic music festivals in the comfort of their own home.

Party Like a Pro with Coachella's Stars

Players will get the chance to rock out with Coachella 2024 artists like Grimes and DJ Snake in Fortnite's new virtual stage and musical mini-games. Players get the chance to jam along with the stars and experience the thrill of Coachella right from their gaming console.

Players who tune into Coachella's Youtube livestream during Weekend 2 from April 19-21 will get to watch the show in augmented reality. Epic Games utilized Unreal Engine to the best way possible, blending Sahara Island's virtual and real worlds to take the festival experience to a whole new level.

The festival's iconic stages, Le Grande Wheel and Spectra Tower, will also be seen in game. Players will be able to embark on a journey through Sahara Island, which has become a paradise of music and mini-games, perfectly rendered in UEFN.

Players can venture deep into Sahara Island and discover hidden gems like the Coke Studio Remix Room and a cool sound studio. They can also use Fortnite's Patchwork tools to create their own beats and songs with friends, unleashing their inner music maestro.

Dress to Impress: Coachella-Themed Fortnite Outfits and Accessories

When someone says “Coachella”, the first thing that would come to mind is the epic outfit the festival goers are going to wear. The same goes for Fortnite, where players can gear up in style with Coachella-themed outfits as new additions in Fortnite cosmetics such as the Horizon and the Cosma Outfits.

Players can complete their look with accessories like the Interstellar Butterfly Back Bling and Coachella Pulse Pickaxe. To really get into the Coachella vibe, they can finish their whole attire with the Soft Synth Wrap.  These cosmetics, accessories, and items will hit the Fortnite shop starting April 11 at 8 PM ET until April 20 at 8pm ET.

What makes these new cosmetics awesome is that all of these are reactive to music. On top of that, both the Horizon and Cosma Outfits have a LEGO style for LEGO® Fortnite, but the LEGO style are not reactive to music.

It's not Coachella without musical instruments. That's why the Mirage Glimmer Guitar and Festival Keys Keytar are here to match your Horizon and Cosma Outfits.

Express Yourself with Epic Emotes

Ever since the beginning of time, players have been using Emotes to express themselves. With Coachella in Fortnite, two new Emotes become available to players. Rock the Rebellious Emote inspired by Doja Cat’s “Paint The Town Red” and the Sonic Surfer Emote featuring Sabrina Carpenter's “Feather”.  Both of these emotes will also be available at the Fortnite Shop staring April 11 at 8pm ET until April 20 at 8pm ET.

Unleash the Fire: J Balvin's Inferno Skeleton Balvin Outfit

J Balvin will also be performing at the Coachella 2024, so of course, there is going to be an epic cosmetic coming in Fortnite for his performance. Feel the heat with J Balvin's fiery Inferno Skeleton Balvin Outfit.  It is pretty much designed to ignite your passion for music and gaming. This sizzling ensemble, paired with the Zappy-Go-Backy Back Bling, is a must-have for fans gearing up for J Balvin's epic Coachella performance.

These will be available at the Fortnite Shop starting April 18 at 8pm ET until April 22 at 8pm ET. The Inferno Skeleton Balvin Outfit and the Zappy-Go-Backy Back Bling can be bought individually or as a bundle with the inclusion of the Mi Gente Jam Track!

Behind this epic collaboration stands Goldenvoice, the visionary creators of Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival and Stagecoach: California's Country Music Festival. With a legacy of pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences, Goldenvoice continues to redefine the intersection of music and entertainment.

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