The Little Rock Trojans take on the Indiana Hoosiers. Check out our college basketball odds series for our Little Rock Indiana prediction and pick.

The Indiana Hoosiers look like a team ready to deliver on its promise and potential. Star big man Trayce Jackson-Davis came back for this season, which instantly and dramatically elevated the Hoosiers' ceiling. Without him, Indiana would be a middle-of-the-pack team for sure. With him, the Hoosiers are a top-line Big Ten championship contender, and they are playing like it. They are crushing the teams they are supposed to defeat handily. They aren't messing around. They played a quality opponent, Xavier, on the road, and won by a score of 81-79. These are the new-look Hoosiers with a transformed attitude and better habits and instincts. Sure, Jackson-Davis (TJD) is the centerpiece, but the role players are very confident in playing around him. The cohesion of the group enhances what TJD does, and it makes Indiana a lot better, especially at the offensive end of the floor. IT is early in the season, however, and bigger challenges do await. Some skepticism is still warranted with this team, but skeptics have to admit that IU has impressed thus far and made a strong statement about its legitimacy. So far, Indiana is handling the pressure which accompanied the start of a new campaign.

Jackson-Davis is averaging just under 21 points and nine rebounds per game. He fits the profile of a big man who can score consistently but whose defense does not suffer as a result of his offensive proficiency. You can find plenty of big men who devote attention to offense and then aren't nearly as locked in on defense and who have to be hidden in a zone defense to reduce their deficiencies. TJD is not that kind of big man. He gives a complete, well-rounded effort at both ends of the floor and enables Indiana to be that much more dynamic as a team.

Courtesy of FanDuel, here are the Little Rock-Indiana College Basketball odds.

College Basketball Odds: Little Rock-Indiana Odds

Little Rock Trojans: +31.5 (-115)

Indiana Hoosiers: -31.5 (-105)

Over: 150.5 (-115)

Under: 150.5 (-105)

Why Little Rock Could Cover the Spread

This is a massive spread for an Indiana team which, as good as it is, might be downshifting a little just before Thanksgiving. The Hoosiers are playing a lot of very manageable opponents. It would be very understandable, as a reflection of human nature, if this team isn't completely dialed in. Little Rock has a losing record, but the Trojans did just defeat a Jackson State team which, interestingly enough, plays at Indiana on Friday afternoon. One can see some signs of evolution and growth in the Trojans. All they have to do is lose by fewer than 32 points, and they cover. That's entirely possible.

Why Indiana Could Cover the Spread

The Hoosiers have started their season really well. A team which is playing good basketball deserves to be trusted, especially against an opponent which is not very strong. Indiana was a 31.5-point favorite earlier in the season against Bethune Cookman and won by 52 points, 101-49. The Hoosiers have earned the benefit of the doubt here.

Final Little Rock-Indiana Prediction & Pick

Indiana has already covered this season as a 31.5-point favorite at home against a bad team. Might as well stick with that pick here.

Final Little Rock-Indiana Prediction & Pick: Indiana -31.5