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Collin Sexton, Cavs

Collin Sexton Now Established As Cavs’ Cornerstone Piece

The debut of the new star trio in Brooklyn was spoiled, not by their own team chemistry like many guessed, but by Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton.

Sexton scored 42 points on the night, 15 of those points coming in double overtime when he iced the win for the Cavs.

On the daily Locked On Cavs Podcast, hosts Evan Dammarell and Chris Manning broke down his incredible game against the Nets, then wonder if Collin Sexton is indeed the franchise cornerstone the Cavs so desperately need.

Evan Dammarell: I think the Cavs might have their guy and Collin Sexton, I really do. He’s really starting to convince me more and more with every game.

Chris Manning: Even if he’s not the guy, he’s a guy. He’s a guy.

Evan Dammerall: He might not be a guy.

Chris Manning: He just took over this game. Collin Sexton took over this game. In a game where James Harden an MVP and one of the best scores ever, Kevin Durant one of the best basketball players that has ever walked this earth and who was also just like a damn bucket, and Kyrie who was incredible in this game Collin Sexton outplayed them all in overtime and in double overtime.

Evan Dammerall: He did.

Chris Manning: He makes these pull-up threes that are just icing the game. He showed absolutely no fear. The one he hits to extend the game… I couldn’t believe he hit it because he just pulled it off and it was just so confident and so clean and so crisp. He went toe to toe with absolutely some of the best players in the world.