Colorado Buffaloes' Travis Hunter is officially the best WR in College Football 25 when the game launches next week. The former Jackson State Tiger will be among the best players in the game after posting several career highs last year. We're almost certain this rating may cause some controversy. But for now, we'd like to take a look at his rating and his stats before considering if he deserves such a rating. Without further ado, let's take a look at Travis Hunter in College Football 25.

What Is Travis Hunter's Rating in College Football 25?

At launch, Travis Hunter's official player rating in College Football 25 is a 95, ranking him as the best WR in the game. Despite missing time due to injury, and Colorado's downfall in the second half of the season, EA Sports still considers Hunter to be among the best players in the game. Furthermore, he's not the only Buffalo to dominate his position. In fact, teammate Shedeur Sanders is also tied for the best QB rating in the game. Firstly, let's take a loot at his different attributes so far.

Travis Hunter's Attribute Ratings in College Football 25

Travis Hunter's attributes are as follows:

  • 95 Speed
  • 96 Acceleration
  • 64 Strength
  • 97 Awareness
  • 97 Jump

Now to be fair, the hype around Travis Hunter didn't just start last year when Colorado was killing it in the first three weeks. Ever since he played High School ball he was considered one of the best recruits in the league. He even received scholarship offers from Florida State, as well as offers from other big schools like Clemson, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, and Oklahoma.

Hunter is also unique in that he plays both offense and defense. In his first game with the Buffaloes, he recored over 145 snaps on offense and defense. He went on to earn 11 catches for 119 yards, as well as 1 interception and a pass deflection.

But Hunter has unfortunately missed time due to injury in both of his collegiate seasons. It's impressive that he plays so much, when given the chance. However, the heavy workload obviously has done a number to the young talent's body. And availability is the best ability, which hurts Hunter's case in being the best in College Football 25.

However, EA Sports doesn't see it that way. They likely see a young player with huge upside potential who's bound for a superstar-level year. Colorado as a team struggled last year in the end, but there's a lot of optimism they can rebound. And with players like Sanders and Hunter, they have the pieces to make more of the opportunities they have.

In fact, EA Sports even has Travis Hunter as the central-player in the Standard edition cover of College Football 25. If that doesn't show their faith in the young guy, we don't know what does. We'll just see if Hunter can exceed expectations and really put Colorado on the map this year.

Overall, that includes everything we know so far about Travis Hunter's player rating in College Football 25. While you might not agree with it, just know that player ratings are subject to change through the course of the season. Should Hunter perform well, he'll continue to keep his high rating. We'll find out soon enough when the season begins this August.

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