Almost every team that Deion Sanders touches turns competitive. He turned Jackson State football around and is doing the same with the Colorado football team. These accomplishments raised major questions about Coach Prime's probable return to the NFL as a coach. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a firm believer in the Buffaloes' head honcho but he has his reservations on whether he should make it back to the professional league, via Jon Machota of The Athletic.

Jerry Jones outlined how Colorado football's game was thrilling because of Deion Sanders' play calls. Although, the Cowboys owner's thoughts on a comeback to the NFL were also realistic, “He influences people. And of course, that’s part of it in the NFL. But I don’t want to go there because you know where that starts going, every which way.”

The Colorado football squad's game against the Colorado State team netted them their third straight win. Everything was tight in the matchup. Shedeur Sanders led Colorado football to a victory after two grueling sets of overtime. They eventually got the 43-35 victory. The younger Sanders notched four touchdowns on 348 passing yards.

But, all of the team's strengths still relied on the effective playcalling that Coach Prime showcased against Colorado State. A lot of NFL teams would want to grab the opportunity for Sanders to coach their team. But as of the moment, he is focusing on improving the Colorado football system so that they can compete for a College Football Playoff National Championship when winter arrives. Would you want to see Coach Prime in the NFL?