While Deion Sanders has been heavily praised this week for turning over the Colorado football roster and getting a win over TCU, a former Buffaloes tight end is giving an inside look on what that process looked like.

For TE Tucker Ashcraft, the turnover at coach for the Colorado football team during the 2022 season gave him his first hint that he may not be on the roster after the season. His intuition turned out to be true, and he transferred to the Wisconsin football team after he was one of the many players dismissed from the roster.

Ashcraft reflected on what went down before and during the roster purges, saying, “Two weeks before Deion came, one of the recruiting guys reached out and was like, ‘You’re a Prime type of guy,’” Ashcraft recalled. “And after that, no contact, no nothing. They showed up. No one reached out to me,” via Jesse Temple of The Athletic.

“I talked with the current recruiting staff that was there. They told me they wanted to keep me. Then they were like, ‘You know, this thing is kind of getting out of control. You should go look at other options.’ I was kind of already doing that. And (the new staff) never reached out to me and I was fine with that. They didn’t even tell me. They didn’t want me and I was like, ‘Fine, I’ll leave.'”

Though the situation likely wasn't ideal, Ashcraft is happy on his new team. Tucker Ashcraft and Wisconsin are 1-0 after a win over Buffalo where the tight end put up two receptions for 36 yards.