Oliver Luck, the XFL commissioner and father of retired Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, has been speaking on different radio shows and podcasts. While making an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Oliver revealed how Andrew has stayed out of the spotlight since his sudden retirement with the Colts.

“He's one of these millennials that isn't involved with social media,” Oliver told Patrick.  “I guess there's still a handful of those guys out there. As a result, it was very easy for him to get out of the spotlight and live his own life.”

Of course, Oliver was going on the show to advertise the XFL and discuss the new football league. Instead of asking a question about the XFL, Patrick jokingly asked if Andrew needed a job after leaving the Colts.

“No, thank you for asking. He's Mr. Mom right now,” Oliver said. “He and his wife had their first child about three months ago. He's doing a lot of babysitting.”

Last offseason, Andrew was battling through yet another injury in his career. After seeing little to no progress, the Colts' signal-caller shocked the sports world as he announced his retirement from the NFL after seven seasons.

Some players that retire choose to become more involved on social media to continue their image as an NFL player. However, for Andrew, he doesn't have any social media and has been able to begin a normal life outside of football with his wife and newborn.

It remains to be seen what Andrew plans on doing once he gets some time to contemplate his options. Seeing that the former Colts QB be changing diapers for the foreseeable future, it might be a while until we hear from him again.