The Washington Commanders decided to hire Dan Quinn as head coach, allowing the franchise to enter a new era. Although that's true, reports indicate the franchise showed some interest in Bill Belichick before making a final decision.

Some of the decision-makers in Washington reportedly wanted to hire Belichick for the job, according to Dianna Russini of The Athletic. The franchise quietly spoke with the future Hall of Fame head coach despite earlier reports claiming the Commanders had no interest in Bill Belichick.

“During the hiring process in Washington, Bill Belichick was considered for the job, per sources. The Commanders spoke with him and he had support from some decision makers. In the end, Dan Quinn is their choice.”

All head coaching vacancies are now filled. This is the first time since the year 2000 we won't see Belichick on the sideline as a head coach. The only two known teams that expressed interest in him are the Commanders and Atlanta Falcons. But ultimately, both franchises went in another direction.

Belichick's future is now completely up in the air. He turns 72 in April and will be 73 if he's hired for a job in the 2025 season. Maybe he garners more interest next year, however, the New England Patriots' recent struggles may have played a large part in Bill Belichick not being hired. Additionally, many teams don't like the idea of one person being fully in charge as a coach and general manager. So, that could have played a large role in the decision-making process for the Commanders and Falcons.

As for Washington, they've found their new head coach in Dan Quinn. Although many sports fans believe he's a rather boring hire, Quinn is highly regarded in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys have had one of the best defenses in the league with him leading the way as defensive coordinator. The Commanders will hope for the same with Quinn in charge.