The Washington Commanders were hoping to upgrade their kicker position this offseason, which led to them going out and signing former Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Brandon McManus. Unfortunately, McManus' tenure with Washington is already off to a rocky start, and he hasn't even taken the field for his new team yet.

On Sunday afternoon, McManus was accused of sexual assault by two women he encountered during his flight to London with the Jaguars last season. McManus quickly denied the allegations, with his lawyer, Brett R. Gallaway, also offering a quick response that summarized the veteran kicker's stance on the situation.

“These are absolutely fictitious and demonstrably false allegations made as part of a campaign to defame and disparage a talented and well-respected NFL player. We intend to aggressively defend Brandon's rights and integrity and clear his name by showing what these claims truly are — an extortion attempt.” – Brett R. Gallaway, ESPN

Brandon McManus denies sexual assault allegations

Jacksonville Jaguars punter Logan Cooke (9) holds the ball andnkicker Brandon McManus (10) make the field goal against the Carolina Panthers in the second quarter at EverBank Stadium.
Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports

McManus was accused of rubbing and grinding himself against a pair of flight attendants who were working on the flight that took the Jaguars to London on September 28th. The Jaguars are also a part of the suit for gross negligence, as they allegedly allowed McManus to act this way, while other players also ignored the rules put in place on the flight.

It's not very surprising to see McManus deny these allegations, and it looks like this is an issue that will end up being taken to court. These sorts of allegations must be taken seriously, and it remains to be seen how the Commanders will handle this situation after they signed McManus to come in and aid their special teams group just over two months ago.

McManus has been one of the more consistent kickers in the NFL since he took over the Denver Broncos job back in 2014. While he's never earned a Pro Bowl or All-Pro selection, he did win a Super Bowl championship with the Broncos in 2015. McManus spent the first nine seasons of his career with Denver before he latched on with the Jaguars for the 2023 campaign.

The Commanders, meanwhile, decided to move on from Joey Slye after his rough 2023 campaign with the team. Coincidentally enough, the Jaguars brought in Slye to be their replacement for McManus, so the two teams inadvertently ended up swapping kickers in free agency this offseason.

Depending on how this all unfolds with McManus, though, the Commanders could find themselves looking for another new kicker if they decide to release him, or if the league steps in and hands down punishment for his actions. This situation is still developing, but it is clear McManus' status is something that will be worth keeping an eye on over the next few weeks.