With the long-awaited showdown between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler set for UFC 303, anticipation is at an all-time high. After enduring delays and uncertainties, Chandler understands the magnitude of the moment as he prepares to step into the octagon against the notorious McGregor, reported my MMA Fighting.

Michael Chandler's journey to face Conor McGregor has been marked by patience and determination. Despite coaching on The Ultimate Fighter 31 in early 2023, Chandler has eagerly awaited the opportunity to return to his primary focus: fighting. McGregor's escapades, from controversies with the UFC's anti-doping program to promotional tours for movie remakes, have only fueled Chandler's anticipation for their clash.

While doubts may have crept in during the wait, Chandler is confident McGregor will show up on June 29. Acknowledging McGregor's showmanship and trolling antics, Chandler believes McGregor's commitment to the fight is unwavering once the contract is signed. With McGregor's return marking three years since his devastating leg injury against Dustin Poirier, Chandler views UFC 303 as a pivotal moment in both fighters' careers.

“When he signs his name to the dotted line, yeah, he’s going to throw some smoke and mirrors, yeah, he’s going to troll — he trolled you, he trolled me, he trolled everybody. He’s a showman. He likes to be the puppet master. He likes to get the reactions. But when it comes down to it, Conor McGregor, the Mac is back, the greatest comeback in combat sports history that he has been talking about now for this long, it’s on this date, he has signed the contract. The man will show up. It’s going to be an act of God or a ridiculous crazy set of circumstances for him not to show up. That’s my personal opinion.” Chandler said on The MMA Hour.

At 36 years old, McGregor faces a critical time in his career. Chandler recognizes UFC 303 as a make-or-break moment for McGregor, where a triumphant return could solidify his legacy, but a defeat could spell the end of an era. With McGregor's age and injury history in mind, Chandler sees the fight as a defining moment in combat sports.

Michael Chandler's dig

Chandler's confidence in his abilities leads him to believe that UFC 303 could be McGregor's last fight ever. While not trying to harbor ill will, Chandler sees the fight as an opportunity to assess McGregor's standing among elite fighters. The outcome of UFC 303 could determine McGregor's future in the sport, making it a must-watch event for fight fans worldwide.

“I’ve said — and I’ve gone on record now saying — everybody has to buy this pay-per-view, because one of two things is going to happen,” Chandler said. “Conor succeeds in coming back and it being the greatest comeback in combat sports history, he gets a win and he’s back on the horse. He’s back in the win column and he’s probably fighting a huge, huge fight, whether it’s the ‘BMF’ belt, whether it’s the lightweight title, whether it’s the welterweight title, it’s something. That’s scenario one. The most likely scenario is I go out there and absolutely dismantle him and it might be the last time we ever see Conor fight.”

“I don’t say that with ill will, saying I’m going to retire him, I’m going to put him in a body bag, all these different things,” Chandler said. “We’ll see where he stacks up in the world of the high-class fighters in this division, whether it be 155 or 170. I’m a top-ranked guy. The new rankings came out, I kind of dipped a little bit now. Top seven. So we’ll see where he stacks up.

“It could be the last time we ever see him. So people have to buy the pay-per-view because it could be the last time you see Conor, and you see me climb up to the next rung, and then there’s bigger and brighter lights on me after this fight.”

What's ahead of Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor speaks to press on the red carpet before the premiere of Road House at the Paramount Theatre in Austin
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Despite McGregor's spotlight, Chandler acknowledges the pressure on himself. Facing a three-year layoff from McGregor, Chandler is determined not to lose to a fighter who has been written off. McGregor's recent endevaor in the film industry raised questions among fans how serios he takes his come back fight this summer, especially with concerning videos going around from his recent interviews.

As UFC 303 approaches, the clash between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler promises to be a spectacle for the ages. With McGregor's comeback hanging in the balance and Chandler's determination to make his mark, the stakes have never been higher. Fight fans worldwide eagerly await the outcome of this epic showdown, which could shape the future of both fighters' careers.