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Aldon Smith reacts to Cowboys deal after 4-year absence

Cowboys, Aldon Smith

It definitely took a while for Aldon Smith, but he finally makes a return to the NFL after signing a new deal with the Dallas Cowboys. The team signed him to a one-year, $4-million deal that would provide much-needed depth at the linebacker position.

Smith hasn’t been on an NFL sideline since 2015, with his final year being a disappointing stint with the Oakland Raiders. Now, he is thankful that he got the opportunity with the Cowboys and vowed to do everything he can to make his second run in the league a worthwhile one.

He posted a photo of himself signing documents alongside a sincere message on Instagram:

The message reads as follows:

“There is beauty in the struggle. Life will always present us with tests. I’ve learned how to take a different perspectve on the adversities of life. Instead of looking at life as a victim, I have embraced the journey as God planned it, making exponential strides to becoming a better man.”

The new Cowboys LB also told fans to take the opportunity of social distancing to reflect on what matters.

“Take this time that we have away from our normal day-to-day activities and think about changing your perspectives. Focus not on how bad this situation is but instead on how we can all come out of this better people. Let’s work on the things we have been putting off and grow towards our ultimate potential,” Aldon Smith shared.

Smith was a highly regarded talent coming out of Mizzou when he was drafted seventh overall by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2011 Draft. He had a decent career, but his substance abuse issues saw him out of the league for a while. After getting his contract with the Cowboys, he’ll be working to get reinstated by the NFL.