Cowboys news: Clocking ticking on getting long-term deal done with Dak Prescott
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Clocking ticking on Cowboys getting long-term deal done with Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott, Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have exactly one week to negotiate a long-term extension with quarterback Dak Prescott.

Just one day after Kansas City Chiefs quarterback received a record-breaking contract, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk noted the Cowboys and Prescott must begin to put all their cards on the table:

One week from today, the window closes on the ability of the Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott to execute a long-term deal in 2020. Given that negotiations of this nature tend to accelerate as a deadline approaches, the time has come for the team and the player to move toward their respective bottom lines.

It would seem the onus is on the Cowboys to make a suitable offer. The exclusive franchise tag would pay Prescott over $31.4 million in 2020, and that number rises to that number would rise to $37.7 million in 2021.

Especially given Mahomes’ financials (annual average value of $45 million) as well as next year’s salary, Prescott is almost assuredly going to want at least $38 million in AAV.

Will the Cowboys pony up that kind of money? Ownership has repeatedly expressed a desire to get a deal done, but it also remains to be seen what kind of impact COVID-19 and the likely absence of fans might have on future salary cap numbers.

In other words, neither side has much of an incentive to move quickly ahead of the deadline, despite Florio’s statement about “bottom lines.”

One thing is for certain: the Cowboys see Prescott as their franchise quarterback. Whether that notion propels contract talks in the next week, however, is still unknown.