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Is Dak Prescott’s injury update a cause for concern for the Cowboys?

Cowboys, Dak Prescott

NFL training camps have officially– and finally– began and teams are getting back into the swing of things. One of the more notable storylines was that of Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott as he is set to return from his injury that ended his 2020 season abruptly. Well, the Cowboys and fans were worried when Prescott left early on Wednesday and waited for any sort of update.

Well, it appears that Prescott has been injured a bit in his shoulder, according to Jane Slater of NFL Network.

Prescott did mention that he was sore, but a muscle strain in his right shoulder– his throwing shoulder– could be a concern especially for Prescott, who has not played a game since October 11 when he suffered the injury against the New York Giants.

ESPN reporter Todd Archer had more on the status for Prescott with camps just starting across the spectrum.

Last season proved just how valuable Prescott is to that Cowboys team, and the replacements were nowhere near the talent level as Dak, who is arguably one of the top five quarterbacks in the entire NFL.

So, Cowboys training camp isn’t off to a good start, but the hope is that Prescott can be back in action rather quickly and get the reps he needs before the season begins.