Cowboys news: Dak Prescott reveals how Dallas must respond to recent struggles
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Dak Prescott reveals how Cowboys must respond to recent struggles

Dak Prescott, Cowboys

The struggles of the Dallas Cowboys have been well-documented in recent weeks. While preparing for Thursday’s game against the Chicago Bears, Dak Prescott revealed how Dallas must respond.

“When it’s times like this, it’s more lead by example. Talk is cheap, right?,” he said. “We’ve talked a lot. We’ve talked a bunch and got ourselves right to where we are. In a moment like this, I say hell with the talking and I’m going to do more. I’m going to work harder … Look at me and some of these other guys because that’s exactly what we’re doing – putting our head down focusing and doubling down on ourselves.”

The Cowboys began the season with a 3-0 record and it appeared that Dallas was cementing themselves as one of the best teams in the NFL. Then, over the team’s past nine games, they’ve had a putrid 3-6 record and have still been unable to defeat a team with a winning record.

Most recently, the Cowboys were beaten by the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving day at home. Going into the game, there was the belief that Dallas would prove themselves as a true contender in the NFC.

Instead, the Bills scored 26 unanswered points after the Cowboys scored the first touchdown of the game. With the loss, the Cowboys are 6-6 and somehow have sole possession of the lead in the NFC East.

Without a doubt, Dallas has the talent on the roster to compete with any team in the NFL. But up to this point, the Cowboys have yet to show that they can win in any meaningful games.

While the team has struggled, Prescott has had the best season of his career, throwing for 3,788 yards, 23 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. For the team to get back on track, other players are going to have to share the same mindset as Prescott.