Football players are known for being locked in and being serious on the gridiron. These are literally the jobs and livelihoods that they have worked for throughout their lives. Rage and shouting can be expected during the season but things can also heat up during the NFL Training Camp. This is exactly what happened between Dak Prescott and Trevon Diggs during the Mike Mccarthy-led training.

The Cowboys have been considered Super Bowl contenders for a while. They went all in with their squad and all they are waiting for is a breakout season to take them there. Although, team chemistry and game intensity might be ramping up during their NFL training camp. Dak Prescott received a lot of shouting from Trevon Diggs.

The two were in the middle of practice and things got heated. After a play during the training, Diggs went over to the Cowboys' quarterback. The cornerback gave a not-so-indirect jab at their star, via Clarence Hill Jr.

“Shut your bitch ass up!” Diggs exclaimed.

Prescott followed it up by hurling the ball toward their defensive huddle. A lot of tension remained between the two. Although, it could mean that the two are just in the spirit of intense team competition. Regardless, a lot of this allows for better more intense practices that get closer to the same level of play during the season.

Is this a good sign of competition during NFL Training Camp or will it snowball into beef that can affect team chemistry for Mike McCarthy down the line?