Cowboys news: Dallas to keep Jason Garrett for the rest of the season 'no matter what'
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Cowboys to keep Jason Garrett for rest of season ‘no matter what’

Jason Garrett, Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are not especially pleased with coach Jason Garrett, but they are also not impatient enough to fire him before the end of this season.

This is the uncomfortable reality in Dallas as the Cowboys try to hold off the Philadelphia Eagles for the 2019 NFC East title. A division title is a must for Garrett if he is to have any chance of retaining his job for the 2020 season.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter offered this report:

The Cowboys, at 6-5, are one game ahead of the 5-6 Eagles and own a head-to-head win over Philadelphia. They played their traditional Thanksgiving Day game on Thursday afternoon against the Buffalo Bills. (The game is in progress at the time this article is being written.)

Last year, the Cowboys won the NFC East and — by virtue of being a division champion — hosted the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Wild Card Game, even though the two teams had identical 10-6 records and the Seahawks won head to head. The division championship home-field policy as part of the NFL Playoffs gives Dallas an added chance to make the divisional round.

The Cowboys and Jason Garrett took advantage of that opportunity last year. They might get a rematch with the Seahawks this year if they can defend their NFC East title. The Cowboys might also host the Minnesota Vikings, the other team currently in a wild card position (the No. 5 or No. 6 seeds are the at-large wild card positions in the playoff structure).

It would seem that while Garrett and the Cowboys must win the East at a bare minimum, they likely need to win the wild card game to have a reasonable chance of coming back for another run at the brass ring in 2020.

Let the drama continue in Big D.