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Dallas’ DeMarcus Lawrence wasn’t willing to sit out like Le’Veon Bell

DeMarcus Lawrence

Dallas Cowboys star DeMarcus Lawrence just locked up a long-term extension with the team and, although, there was some thought he would sit out to get a new deal like Le’Veon Bell he has made it clear that would never be the case.

Lawrence signed a five-year deal worth an average of $21 million per season according to a source at USA Today Sports.

“We ain’t got to worry about that,” Lawrence said Tuesday via USA Today Sports. “It ain’t going to be no Le’Veon situation. I’m not skipping $20 mill(ion) for nobody.”

Bell held out to get a long-term extension and although he did get it, he lost out on a lot of money last year that he won’t get back, which is something that Lawrence wasn’t willing to do.

The next thing for Lawrence after signing the extension is to have shoulder surgery but it is expected that he will be ready for training camp. The next step for the Cowboys is to lock up some of the other players like Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper.

“We’ll continue to chop wood and work hard to keep our team together,” Jones said. “As you know, we like to pay our own.”

The contract made Lawrence the highest paid Cowboy in history, but as Stephen Jones points out, it’s probably not going to last that way long.

“When you’re getting ready to do a quarterback who is a franchise quarterback and already has put some serious skins on the wall like Dak has, no, he’s probably not going to be there long,” Stephen Jones said. “But he can always say he held the mantle, albeit it might be a short time.”